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Q 1. What are the expenses eligible for disbursement of Scholarship amount?
College Fee: Fee paid or payable to Colleges such as Tuition Fee, Term Fee, Examination Fee and Fee for    any other related integrated training if any provided by the college.

Books and Stationary: The actual cost of Text and Guide books and cost for reasonable number of Note    books.

Uniform : Cost of material and stitching charges up to two pairs per academic year, if Uniform for    Students is Mandatory for the College. In case, there is no Uniform prescribed for the College, there will    not be any payment towards Uniform or dress.

Cost of Transportation : Transport Cost from Residence to College and back. However, in certain specific    instances, the cost of basic model bicycle would be considered at the sole discretion of the foundation.

Q 2. Is there any Maximum Limit on the reimbursement under each category?
College Fee : Actual fee paid to the College.

Books and Stationary : Not exceeding Rs. 3,000 per student per academic year.

Uniform : Not exceeding Rs. 1,500 per student per academic year.

Cost of Transportation: Not exceeding Rs. 3,600 per student per academic year.

Overall Limit: In any case the overall value of scholarship will be limited to Rs. 20,000 per student per    academic year.

Q 3. What are the expenses NOT eligible for disbursement of Scholarship amount?
Hostel Fee, Canteen or Mess Expenses; and

Cost of Uniform or Dress if not prescribed by the college.

Q 4. What are the requirements before first disbursement?
Students should provide all of the following details:

  (a) their bank account details.

  (b) copy of X Class mark sheet.

  (c) Details of college joined along with a copy of first fee receipt.

Q 5. What are the pre-conditions to claim reimbursement for College Fee?
Due to the merit or any other reasons if college or any other organization or Foundation is providing    scholarship to the selected students, they will not be eligible for reimbursement of college fee. However,    such students can claim other reimbursements such as uniform expenses, cost of books and transport    cost.

Detailed Fee Estimate from the College along with the breakup of payment instalment-wise should be    provided to the Foundation.

First fee should be paid by the student directly to college which will be reimbursed to the students upon    submission of valid receipt from the college.

Subsequent instalments/fees payable will be paid directly to the college. To facilitate direct credit or    transfer to college’s bank account, student must submit the following details of the College’s Bank account:

   • Fee Schedule for Full Academic Year, along with Due Dates for each instalment, as certified by the    College.

   • Bank account number of the College

   • Name of the Bank

   • Address and name of the Branch

   • IFSC code of the Bank’s branch

Q 6. What are the conditions to claim reimbursement for Books and Stationary?
Bill or Invoice from the book store or stationary shop.

Q 7. What are the conditions to claim reimbursement for uniform?
Certificate from college that uniform is compulsory as per college rules.

Student must produce the following supporting documents:

    • Certificate from college confirming that uniform is compulsory.

    • Bill or Invoice from the cloth store for purchase of uniform.

Q 8. What are the basic conditions to claim reimbursement of transportation expenses?
Student must produce the Xerox Copy of the bus pass, which clearly shows cost of the bus pass.

PPF would consider reimburse the cost of bicycle to the students, up to a value of Rs. 3,500, up on    submission of bill or invoice from the vendor.

As it is expected that students would use the bicycles for year I & II, all those students who were     granted Bicycles would not be eligible for reimbursement of cost of bus pass for both in the Intermediate     first and second years.

Q 9. What portion of Scholarship amount paid directly to the students?
Only the college admission and first fee will be paid directly to the students.

The second term onwards all college and exam related fee will be paid directly to the college as per the    schedule of payment received at the beginning of the Academic year.

Other reimbursements such as cost of books & stationary, cost of uniform and cost of transportation     would be paid directly to the students.

In the case of Bus Passes, cost of bus pass will be reimbursed once in every quarter upon submission of    Xerox copies of the bus passes.

Q 10. Mode of payment to Students?
Foundation will transfer money directly to the student’s Bank Account through National Electronic Fund    Transfer (“NEFT”).

Post the remittance of money to the student’s account, Foundation will either send SMS to the Students’    mobile number registered with the foundation or send Letters to the students.

Q 11. Mode of payment to Colleges?
Second term onwards all college and exam related fee will be either transferred directly to the Bank    Account of the College through NEFT or by separate Demand Draft for each student in the name of    College.

Foundation will either send an SMS to the Student’s mobile number registered with the foundation or    send a Letter to the students along with a copy of Demand Draft.

Q 12. Are there any other matters which a Student should be aware?
In the event of making false claim or submission of fake receipts by any Student, the Scholarship to such    Student would be withdrawn.

As the Foundation is keen to support more students, who could not continue their education but for the    financial support of the Foundation, please restrict your claim to the extent of actual eligible expenses    incurred by you.

Please note that Fee paid to College would be reimbursed only to the extent of actual fee paid by the    Student, and on production of printed receipts and not based on a Fee Estimate obtained from the    College.